How does Reiki distance healing work?

Using the principles of Quantum physics, we are able to connect energetically from a distance.  Your body will effectively use Reiki energy to balance your mind, body and soul, for your greatest and highest good.  It works on the concept that we are all one and connected by energy.

The Reiki distance healing session

Before every healing session, I will prepare the room and my healing altar.  I will then call the recipient via WhatsApp for a 10 min consultation where we will discuss the information provided in their client intake form and how the recipient is feeling prior to the healing session.  Once the consultation is complete, I will ground myself, meditate and make my connection with the Reiki energy and the recipient.  I will then set my intention for the healing session, visualise the recipient and commence sending the Reiki energy.  The recipient may feel warmth, waves of energy, chills, deep relaxation, peace and / or clarity (to name just a few). 

Please note:  Not all recipients will experience sensations during their session(s) and therefore might not feel anything at all.  As each session and recipient are different, all I know is that each recipient feels lighter, calm and relaxed after each session.

The Reiki healing will last for 45 mins and at the end of the session, I will disconnect from the recipient and the Reiki energy and complete my notes which will be emailed to the recipient approximately one hour after the session has completed.  As I care for all my clients, I will also send a message via WhatsApp after 3 days to see how you are feeling post-healing session and we can schedule a follow-up call to speak in person if you wish.

How can I prepare for the Reiki distance healing session?

I would suggest sitting or lying somewhere comfortable where you can relax and will not be disturbed for approximately 60 mins.  You can have relaxing music playing, light candles or incense - anything that will help you relax.

After the Reiki distance healing session

Please be aware that I am not in control of the sessions or the results.  I never know in advance how each session will proceed as every session and each recipient are unique. 

The recipient may feel the benefits immediately after the session has completed, a day or even up to a week later.

You may experience a "spiritual / energy" detox as the Reiki healing energy moves through your body dispersing any blockages - mind, body and soul.  The detox symptoms may be feelings of emotion (crying), laughing or feelings of great inner peace for no apparent reason.  Others can feel really tired or even wired.  Some can get a cold, have headaches or even feel better than they have in years and then there are some that may not experience anything at all!  Irrespective, it would be very beneficial to the recipient in the days and weeks after the session, to do what you can to reduce the toxins (physical and mental) and increase healthy living (e.g. drinking plenty of water directly after the session and thereafter, eating healthily, doing light to moderate exercise and meditating etc).

Please do not feel alarmed if you do experience a "spiritual / energy" detox.  Just feel the emotions, breathe through the emotions and allow them to be released as this is very much part of the energy healing process.  Please remember that Reiki will always work for your greatest and highest good.

As each recipient is different, you may only need the one session or further sessions.  Usually a course of three sessions are sufficient but it is entirely up to the recipient.


Please note:  Reiki (either in-person or at a distance) is meant to be used as a complement to traditional care or a personal relaxation or stress-reducing tool.  It is not a substitute for qualified medical, therapeutic or traditional care.

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